BOARD18 Development History - Pre 2014

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Mid 2012

Started coding BOARD18 application, using as a basis a mock up I had previously created as a "proof of concept".
Started creating the design document in parallel with this coding effort.

May 5, 2013

  • Created the BOARD18 project on Gitorious.
  • Created a repository for board18 on Gitorious.
    Gitorious has since been replaced by github.
  • Created this WIKI to document and (eventually) publish BOARD18.
  • Shortly later, added To Do List to manage project tasks.
    This has since been replaced by Bugzilla Issue Tracker. See below.

July 15, 2013

  • Published pre alpha release on Gitorious.
  • Created DEMO18 site to test it in the wild.
  • Created a BOARD18 group on Yahoo for testers and other interested parties.
    This has since been replaced by the Forum. See below.

July 23, 2013

Ended pre alpha test.

Mid August, 2013

Created web site. Besides the WIKI, we now also have an Issue Tracker.

September 6, 2013

Published release [0.1.0] alpha 1 and loaded it to a demo site.
This release will support some actual play testing. It has:

  • All fixes for problems discovered in pre alpha test.
  • A number of other enhancements. See release notes for a list.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Initial attempt to support Chrome and (perhaps) Safari browsers.
  • An initial [primitive] help function.

End of September, 2013

Published full 0.1.0 release. There will be no further 0.1.? releases.
I am now devoting all my time to the development of release 0.2.0.