How To Contribute Code

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The master repository for BOARD18 is kept on So update access to this repository is a necessary first step to contributing code. On the other hand, you can view the contents of the repository without any special access rights.

Create account on

An account on will allow you to create a clone of board18 while still on The creation of a account does require the creation of a SSH key. Create a new key, do not copy the key already created for some other account.

Clone the board18 master repository in

This personal repository allows you to make changes to board18 without directly affecting the master (richpri/board18v2) repository. Any changes you make get pushed to your clone first and then get pushed to the master repository through a merge request. Your changes will be reviewed before they are merged into the master.

Download your clone into your local environment

Use whatever desktop or command line git application you have to download the clone to a git repository on your PC. This will be your working repository. Make your changes as needed. Save them back to your clone for off-site storage.

The Merge Request

When you are happy and at a good stopping point, request a merge to the master. (Browse to your clone's web page and press "Request Merge".) Then send an Email to Rich Price, rich at, explaining your change(s). You can also Email Rich to ask him any questions that you may have.