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The BOARD18 project currently supports only one BOARD18 web site for general use.
In addition we provide the means for others to create board18 web sites of their own.
We would be happy to maintain a list of such other public sites, but we currently know of none.

I have just started the process of revamping the set of BOARD18 web sites that will be supported in the future.
The first step in the process was the creation of the site.
The next step was the deprecation[1] of the site.
The site will soon be removed.

  1. This is a recommendation that the site no longer be used and a warning that the site will be removed at a future date.

The New Production Site is the new BOARD18 production site.
This site will always run the latest release of BOARD18.
This implies that it will support all of the latest features.

The Old Production Site was the BOARD18 old production site.

This site has been deprecated. Use the new production site for all new games.

How to set up an 18xx game using BOARD18

So you and your friends have decided to play an 18xx game via email. And you have also decided to use BOARD18 for this game. So how to begin?
Use this link to access the document How to set up an 18xx game using BOARD18.
This document contains step by step instructions for setting up a game.

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