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This page has been updated to comply with Release 1.2.x of BOARD18.
Design Document edit

Selecting "Administration" from the main menu in the board18Main.php page causes the board18Admin.php page to be displayed. This page can be used to change the player's first name, last name, email address or password. It also has a special form to handle forced password changes.

If the logged in player has the "admin" level then board18Admin.php will display, in the "leftofpage" division, a series of links to pages containing administrative tools.

Most of the JavaScript logic for board18Admin is in the scripts/board18Admin.js file.

The board18Admin.php page also uses the scripts/board18com.js file and some other open source JavaScript files.
Style is supplied by the style/board18Admin.css and the style/board18com.css files.

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