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The initial version of this page will only cover the actual game board page of BOARD18. The Other pages have a lot less code and can probably be understood 'from the source'. The client (browser) side code for the game board page of BOARD18 is contained in the following files:

php page board18Map.php
style sheets board18com.css board18Map.css jquery.contextMenu.css
javascript board18Map1.js board18Map2.js board18Map3.js board18Map4.js
board18com.js jquery.contextMenu.js jquery.ui.position.js nav1.1.min.js

Note: The nav1.min.js file supports the nav1 menu system which has been deprecated for BOARD18 and will eventually be eliminated.

There are a number of javascript objects used by this code. They are documented here.

This page is a stub.
The BOARD18 Project will soon be expanding it.