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Welcome To The BOARD18 Project

This page has been updated to comply with Release 2.5.x of BOARD18.

BOARD18 is a tool for playing “18xx style” games via Email.

The BOARD18 game session associated with a PBEM game is used to display the game board and the stock market for the game. It will run as a web service accessed via the player's web browser.
The How To page linked to here contains step by step instructions for setting up a PBEM 18xx game.

BOARD18 is open source software available under the MIT License

NOTE: For more information on 18xx style games, see this wikipedia article.


BOARD18 allows multiple players to access a game board and an associated stock market chart and to place, move and delete track tiles and other tokens as required by the game being played.

Supported features include:

  • Player registration and log in
  • Admin level with special privileges.
  • Mid level security [encrypted passwords]
  • Game session creation form
  • The play of multiple concurent games
  • Context menus
  • Hot keys for many game actions
  • A snapshot facility
  • Concurrent update protection
  • The ability to back out an accepted move.
  • Support for all current browser releases.
  • Partial support for iPad and Android devices.

BOARD18 game boxes can be created for various 18xx games and loaded into the database on the server.


BOARD18 is a web application that has both client side requirements and server side requirements.
These requirements are discussed separately.

The BOARD18 server requires:

  • An Apache web server
  • MySQL version 5.6 or later
  • PHP version 7.2 or later

The BOARD18 client requires a web browser that supports:

  • HTML5 [including Canvas]
  • CSS 3
  • The JavaScript standard referred to as ECMAScript 5 [or a later version]

NOTE: All current web browsers meet the above requirements.


Currently BOARD18 does not have support for the ability to zoom in or out while viewing the game board. But some modern portable devices (phones, tablets, etc.) support this feature on their own.

BOARD18 only supports optimist database locking. See this note for more information.