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The BOARD18 bugzilla application can be used to report problems and make enhancement requests for the BOARD18 application and for some associated play by email services. These are refered to collectively within bugzilla as the BOARD18 Product. The process of creating such a report/request is referred to as creating a bug report. Before you can use the BOARD18 bugzilla application to create a bug report you must first obtain a user ID for BOARD18 bugzilla. This page is a “how to” document which explains how you can obtain a bugzilla user ID and how you can then create a bug report.

Obtaining a User ID

Obtaining a bugzilla user ID is quite simple. First go to the bugzilla main page. Then click on the new account item at the top of the screen. Read the instructions on the new account screen and then enter an email address on this screen. You will be emailed instructions on how to complete this process.

Creating a Bug Report

To create a BOARD18 bug report on bugzilla. Click on File a Bug on the bugzilla main page. At the top of the next page you will be given some suggestions for things to do before actually creating a bug report. After reading this, if you still want to create a bug report, then follow the steps below.

  • Select a component. See the description of BOARD18 components in the section below.
  • Select a severity level. The levels should be self explanatory.
  • You can generally ignore the Hardware and OS selections.
  • Enter a bug summary. It should be specific. "BOARD18 is broke" wont hack it.
  • Enter a bug description. This should be quite detailed. Include examples and any relevant error messages.
  • If you have any files that you wish to include in the bug report, attach them now.
  • Finally, press the "Submit Bug" button.

You will be emailed a copy of the bug report which will also be sent to the default assignee for the component.


Bugzilla is set up to divide bugs into six components. Each bug report is assigned to one of these components. These five components are:

Client side The HTML and java script which executes on the user's browser.
Server side The PHP and MYSQL code that executes on an administrator's server.
Game Box Game Boxes for 18xx games that can be played via BOARD18.
GIMP Scripts Python scripts for GIMP used to create tiles and tokens.
Dream Sheets Fully instrumented spread sheets used in conjunction with BOARD18.
DRAFT1846 1846 private company drafting utility used in conjunction with BOARD18.