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Selecting Administration on the Menu of the Main page will bring up the board18Admin page. This page contains the following form.

Player Self Administration


This form can be used to change your player profile. After making your changes, press the Submit button.
Note that only the Player ID and the Current Password fields are required.

Required Fields

Remember that the first name, last name and email address are required. As of BOARD18 will no longer accept blank name fields.

Special Situations

Remember, if you have forgotten your Player ID or your Password, you can use the log in form to reacquire them.

Pressing the Forgot your Player ID? button on Forgot_your_Player_ID.3F will present you with a form for requesting that your Player ID be Emailed to you.

Pressing the Forgot your Password? button on Forgot_your_Password.3F will present you with a form for requesting that a temporary password be Emailed to you.

Other Administrative Functions

Most players will not see anything on the left side of this board18Admin page.
But those players that are authors or administrators will see there links to a number of other pages which also support administrative functions. These pages are discribed elsewhere.