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BOARD18 is a tool for playing “18xx style” games via Email.

The BOARD18 game session associated with a PBEM game is used to display the game board and the stock market for the game. It will run as a web service accessed via the player's web browser.
The How To page linked to here contains step by step instructions for setting up a PBEM 18xx game.

BOARD18 is open source software available under the MIT License

NOTE: For more information on 18xx style games, see this wikipedia article.


This WIKI serves a number of purposes. First, it serves as an introduction to the BOARD18 project and explains its purpose and progress.

Second, it is the place where the BOARD18 system internals are documented. Start at the BOARD18 Design Document page for this. It will also, eventually, have a user's guide section.

Third, it is intended to be a forum for collaboration among the developers of BOARD18.

Why a form???

If you click on "log in/create account" in the top/right corner of a page and try to create an account, you will get a page that says "Complete and submit the following form to request a user account". So, what is this all about? Please bare with me as I attempt to explain.

Some History

Over the last few years I have created a number of WIKI sites using MediaWIKI (the same software that runs WIKIPEDIA). One was destroyed by a spam bot that flooded the site with bogus pages. So I decided to require users to create a user ID and use it to log in before they could create or edit pages.

Fine, I thought, that solves that problem. Then I discovered (the hard way) that there were spam bots that could create user ID's! And they did, hundreds of them. And then used them to flood the site with thousands of bogus pages. Bummer!

Then I found the Confirm Account Extension to MediaWIKI.

How it works

The Confirm Account Extension disables direct account creation and requires the approval of new accounts by a bureaucrat. (For now, I will serve in that capacity.) It can also do a lot of other bumph but I have configured it to pull most of its fangs. It will still require you to write a short introduction (which will be put on your personal page). Just put in enough to show that you are really a person (not a spam bot) and indicate if you have helped other projects and/or posted on help sites like Dev Shed Forums. Of course, if I know you personally, there will be no problem. After I review your application, I will approve the creation of your account.

Another Way

If you just don't want to bother with the above, then send me an Email (rich02 at or friend me on Facebook ( I can create an account for you if needed, but I guess I would prefer that you use the Confirm Account Extension to introduce yourself.