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NOTE: The BOARD18 Development History has been moved to a separate set of pages.

With the release of version 2.4.3 on December 5, 2016, BOARD18 became a mature product.
At that point the BOARD18 project shifted to a maintenance mode, though some minor enhancements were done over the next years.
Also, the design document has been extensively updated and a number of Dream Spreadsheets have been written.

As of November, 2018, release 2.5.6 is the the production status release of BOARD18.

Support Plans for BOARD18 Instances

Anyone with access to a web server can create an instance of BOARD18. But here I will only discuss my plans for the BOARD18 instances that I maintain at

The Current Situation

Currently, in November of 2018, I am supporting one production instance of BOARD18. This instance is called There is also a deprecated instance of BOARD18 called which I am going to totally delete before the end of November.

Analysis of Existing Game Boxes

As of mid November of 2018 there are 55 game boxes on Interestingly, they split about 50-50 between games set the USA and games set elsewhere. I intend to use this split to allocate game boxes between two new instances of BOARD18.

Future Plans

The instance is rather old and contains a lot of defunct information in its database. Thus, my plan is to replace it with a couple of new instances of BOARD18. The first will be called and it will contain all of the game boxes for games set in the United States. The second will be called and it will contain all of the game boxes for games not set in the United States. The advantage of this arrangement will be that each of the two instances will have a smaller footprint. And thus it should be more responsive. The disadvantage, of course, will be that players will need to create logins on two different BOARD18 instances.


I intend to begin work on these two new instances starting in December. The current production instance, dev2, will remain the production instance until both of the new instances are up and running. The current production instance, dev2, will be deprecated at that time. No new games will be startable on the instance after it is deprecated. But all existing games will continue to function. After all games on have completed that instance will be removed.