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NOTE: The BOARD18 Development History has been moved to a separate set of pages.

With the release of version 2.4.3 on December 5, 2016, BOARD18 became a mature product.
At that point the BOARD18 project shifted to a maintenance mode, though some minor enhancements were done over the next years.
And, lately, some long overdue enhancements are starting to be implemented in the 2.6.x releases.
Also, the design document has been extensively updated and a number of Dream Spreadsheets have been written.

Support Plans for BOARD18 Instances

Anyone with access to a web server can create an instance of BOARD18. But here I will only discuss my plans for the BOARD18 instances that I maintain at

The Current Situation

Currently, in July of 2020, I am supporting one production instance of BOARD18. This instance is called

Analysis of Existing Game Boxes

As of JUNE of 2020 there were 85 active game boxes on Some of these game boxes are used quite a lot and a few are seldom used at all. No subsequent analysis has been published.

Future Plans

The instance is the current production site. There are no current plans for any additional production sites.


No plans.