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The board18BoxLoad script contains all of the js functions for the board18BoxLoad page.

Function emailPlayerResult(response)

Function emailPlayerResult is the call back function for an ajax call to emailPlayer.php. It only needs to check for errors.

Output from emailPlayer.php is an echo return status:

 "success" - Email sent.
 "fail"    - Uexpected error - This email not sent.

Function doMail(report, login)

Function doMail sends an Email report to the logged in author after the ajax loadBox.php call returns a success or an email status.

Function zipBoxOk(resp)

Function zipBoxOk processes the return from the loadBox.php call.

resp.stat will be "success||"fail"||"nofile"||"toobig"||"email"

On a status of success or email it will send an email to the author.