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board18Market4.js contains all the functions that implement the multi token selection logic for cases where more than one token is on the same price box.

Function selectToken(event)

The selectToken function uses the BD18.onBoxList.tokens array BD18.onBoxList.tokens array to display a graphical list of the tokens on a given hex.
This list is displayed on canvas3 and the canvas3 click event is turned on.

Clicking on a token should select that token and cause canvas3 to be cleared.

Function hideTknMenu()

The hideTknMenu function resets the canvas3 token menu.

Function delayHideTknMenu()

The delayHideTknMenu function waits 2 seconds before calling the hideTknMenu function.

Function killHideTknMenu()

The killHideTknMenu function stops any delayed calling of the hideTknMenu function.

Function moveSetup(mktok)

The moveSetup function sets a nmber of global [BD18] variables in preparation for a token move or a token position adjustment on the stock market.

Function doTknMenu(event)

The doTknMenu function processes a click on canvas3 This canvas is used to select one of multiple tokens on the same box. The requested function is performed for the selected token.