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The board18Players2 script contains the Email functions for the board18Players page.

Function emailPlayerResult(response)

Function emailPlayerResult is the call back function for the ajax calls to emailPlayer.php and emailPlayerAll.php. It may have to process returns from multiple emails for the same call. It only needs to check for errors and it only needs to report the first error.

Output from emailPlayer.php and emailPlayerAll.php is an echo return status:

 "success" - Email sent.
 "fail"    - Uexpected error - This email not sent.

Function doEmail()

Function doEmail is called by the on-click method of the send email button in the oneemail form. It checks the input for missing fields and then does an ajax call to emailPlayer.php.

Function sendBroadcast()

Function sendBroadcast checks the input for missing fields and then and then does an ajax call to emailPlayer.php for every player in the players table.