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Coding Standards Index edit

BOARD18 supports two types of menus. They are Main Menus and Context Menus.

Examples of both kinds of menus are given here.

Main Menus

Almost all BOARD18 pages contain a Main Menu. These menus use a common HTML structure and a common set of CSS statments which are found in board18com.css.

Main Menu Example


To the right you will see an image of the Main Menu for the board18Main page.

And below is the HTML code that produced this menu. As yoy can see, this menu is actually an unordered list that is enclosed in a division. This division is placed directly after a span containing the MENU button. The CSS does the rest.

        <span id="newmainmenu" onclick="$('#mainmenu').toggle();
          event.stopPropagation();"> MENU </span>

	<div id="mainmenu" class="menu">
          <ul class="bigMenu">
            <li onclick="window.location = 'board18New.php';">Make New Game</li>
            <li onclick="window.location = 'board18View.php';">View All Games</li>
            <li onclick="window.location = 'board18Admin.php';">Administration</li>
            <li onclick="$.post('php/logout.php', logoutOK);">Log Out</li>
            <li onclick=", 'HelpGuide');">Help</li>
            <li onclick="$('.menu').hide();aboutBoard18();">About BOARD18</li>

Main Menu CSS Statements

The bottom 161 lines of the board18com.css file are where all the layout and formatting of all the BOARD18 main menus are specified.
This CSS code should never be changed.

Context Menus

Context menus are dynamic. A context menu is rebuilt every time the menu is to be shown. The content of all context menus is determined by the code in the two script files named Board18Map5.js and Board18Market5.js.

The ContextMenu(event) functions in the two script files named Board18Map6.js and Board18Market6.js use the respective makeMenuItems() functions from the above files to include the correct menu items in the menu to be displayed for a particular event.

The formats of the context menu is specified in 3 CSS statements the names of which each begin with .context.

Left Of Page Menus

The leftofpage area is used by many pages to display menus of various sorts. For example the board18Map and board18Market pages both use this area to display tray menues. Due to historical reasons there is no one standard that these menus all conform to. But they are all constrained to fit in the area defined by the #leftofpage statement in the board18com.css file.