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This page has been updated to comply with Release 2.5.x of BOARD18.
Design Document edit


Client Side

Javascript Library Releases
BOARD18 Release 2.5
jquery 1.11.0
jquery.ui.position 1.10.4 depricated
sha256 2.2

Board 18 is being developed using HTML5 (with canvas), CSS 3 and the JavaScript standard referred to as ECMAScript 5. Various Javascript Libraries are used by BOARD18 as shown in the table to the right.

The Firefox browser is the main development platform for this project. But all modern browsers also seem to work.

Server Side

The server side of BOARD18 will use LAMP. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. PHP will be the programming language. And MySQL will be the data base language. The current development environment is based on PHP version 7.2 and MySQL version 5.7.


There will be no client side data base. All permanent storage will be via the server side MySQL data base. PHP will be used for all MySQL access. PHP will use the procedural style of the mysqli API to access the database.


Three cookies are used to provide convenience features to the log-in and security experience of BOARD18. All client side access of these cookies is done via the BD18.docCookies object which is defined in board18com.js. More information about these cookies is available here.

Client/Server Communication

The client side of BOARD18 will use the XMLHttpRequest protocol to communicate with the server side. We will be using the get(), getJSON() and put() Ajax functions from the jQuery library for this.

User Interface

Board18 will accept the following user inputs: keyboard, mouse movement and mouse button clicks. Right clicks and some left clicks will activate pop-up menus. Scroll wheel events will not be used by the BOARD18 application. Development of compatibility for hand held [small screen] devices is on hold but it may gradually appear in future releases.