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Developer Guidelines

BOARD18 is a very small project. At the time of this writing only 10 people have contributed code, documentation or other work to BOARD18.
The testing community for BOARD18 consists of fewer than 20 people. Thus there is no formal structure to the project.
The creator and main designer/coder of BOARD18 is Rich Price. And he is also the owner of the project.
You can contact him by email at rich at

Reporting Bugs

The BOARD18 project also has a BUGZILLA issue tracker at This tool is used to track bugs, enhancement requests and other tasks.

BOARD18 Code Repositories

The BOARD18 project keeps its code repositories at Github.

Developer Documentation

The bulk of the documentation of the BOARD18 code base is contained in this BOARD18 Design Document.
It is fairly up to date but some sections may need some revision.
Learning the code by comparing it to the relevant sections of the design document is encouraged.
A side effect of this could be updates and corrections to this design document. This is a WIKI after all!

The index of How To pages could also be of help when getting started in this project.

And I have finally started work developing some coding standards for the BOARD18 project.