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Game Boxes edit

There are a large number of BOARD18 game boxes available to be down loaded and installed in any current instance of a BOARD18 web site.
A current instance is any instance with a BOARD18 release number greater than or equal to 2.5.5.

This link points to a folder containing all of the available BOARD18 game boxes.

This folder is a Google Docs folder. The game boxes are stored in this folder as zip files.
Use this procedure to download the zip file for a game box to your local computer: [1]

  1. Make sure that you are using the "List View" of the folder (not the "Grid View").[2]
  2. Find the zip file in the folder.
  3. Hover your cursor over the row for this zip file.
  4. A Download button will appear on the right of this row.
  5. Click this download button.
  6. This will cause a copy of the zip file to be sent to your browser's download folder.

Installation instructions for these game boxes are available at the How To Load A New Board18 Game Box WIKI page.

Some 18xx games have multiple game boxes on BOARD18.
The game box disambiguation table describes the differences between these game boxes.

See these instructions if you wish to know how to create a BOARD18 web site.


  1. This procedure assumes that you do not have update access to this Google Docs folder.
    If you do have update access then use the Download Game Boxes With Update Access procedure instead.
  2. The list view has one row for each file. The grid view has a grid of icons, one icon per file.
    There is a button near the upper right of the page to select between these two views.