Game Box Creation - Introduction

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About Game Boxes

Game Boxes edit

A game box is needed for any 18xx game that will use BOARD18 for PBEM sessions.
Ideally gamers like you will create these boxes for the games that they wish to play.
A support system has been developed to ease the creation of new game boxes.

These Game Box Creation pages form a large part this support system. (See the index in the second Green Box to the right.)

Game Box Creation edit

There also exists a set of GIMP Python Scripts that can be used to automate the creation of tile and token sheets. These scripts are available in the BOARD18 repository.
And testing game boxes is now much easier to do for author level players.
Please read the BOARD18 Author's Guide to find out more about game box testing.

A game box consists of the graphics files and control tables that describe the game board, the stock market and the various playing pieces. A game box can be built using a graphics editor and a text editor. These Game Box Creation pages describe the process of creating a game box. They specifically refer to a Linux environment in which the GIMP image editor and the gedit text editor are the tools used. But these pages should also be helpful to people using other environments.

Before you read these pages, please look at the Game Box section of the BOARD18 Design Document to familiarize yourself with the conceptual design of a game box.

Making New Game Boxes

If you wish to create a game box for a game, please state your intention to create the game box in an Email sent to Rich Price [rich at].
The rest of these Game Box Creation pages explain how to create a game box. More information on creating game boxes can be found in the design document.
Some graphic images that may help with the creation of game boxes can be found in the game box library directory on GOOGLE DRIVE.
Other tools (described in these Game Box Creation pages) can also be found in the BOARD18 repository.