How to create a new BOARD18 download

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These instructions assume that you already have a board18 development environment and access to the branch for which the download is to be created.

The command lines below assumme that a zip file for board18-2.3.0 is being created. This string should be modified to the correct release.

Perform these steps on your development PC

  • If necessary, checkout the branch for the required board18 release.
  • Start an edit session on the board18com.js file in the BOARD18/scripts sub directory.
/* All board18 global variables are contained in one
 * 'master variable' called BD18.  This isolates 
 * them from global variables in other packages. 
var BD18 = {};
BD18.noteTimeout = null; // Used by doLogNote().
BD18.welcomename = null; // Used by doLogNote(). = "";
BD18.version = "2.3.2";
  • Modify the value of BD18.version and also, if necessary, of
  • Save the edited file.
  • Start an edit session on the file in the BOARD18/makedist sub directory.
# This file must be updated with the proper parameters before
# BOARD18make is run to create a new BOARD18 distribution.

# Set versionNo to the version number of the new distribution

# Set BD18Root to the root of the BOARD18 directory structure.

  • Perform the edits specified in this file as shown above.
  • Save the edited file.
  • Open a command line window.
  • cd to the BOARD18/makedist sub directory.
  • Enter on command line:
  • This script should create a zip file in your root directory called something like

Setup the Download on the BOARD18 WIKI

  • Go to the BOARD18 WIKI.
  • Upload the newly created zip file into the wiki.
  • Edit the Download BOARD18 page and add the new release.