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Welcome To The BOARD18 Project

BOARD18 is a tool for playing “18xx style” games via Email.

The BOARD18 game session associated with a PBEM game is used to display the game board and the stock market for the game. It will run as a web service accessed via the player's web browser.
The How To page linked to here contains step by step instructions for setting up a PBEM 18xx game.

BOARD18 is open source software available under the MIT License

NOTE: For more information on 18xx style games, see this wikipedia article.


The current BOARD18 Version can be found at the download site (see box on right).
A Project Time-line is available at this link.

Some pages on this WIKI that you may find of interest

  1. BOARD18 Player's Guide
  2. Finding BOARD18 Documentation
  3. How to Report a Problem
  4. Game Boxes
  5. BOARD18 Related Side Projects
  6. Features and Requirements
  7. Design Document
  8. Coding Standards
  9. Index of How To pages
  10. Miscellaneous Notes