OnHex Object

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This page describes a BOARD18 JavaScript object.
This object is created using the OnHex constructor function.
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The OnHex object describes all items [tile and tokens] on the hex with the supplied coordinates.

Data Elements in Object
Element Type C Description
hexX int * X coordinate of hex
hexY int * Y coordinate of hex
tile object * BoardTile object
tile.btindex int * index of tile in BD18.boardTiles array
tokens array * Array of BoardToken objects
tokens[i].btindex int * index of tokens[i] in BD18.boardTokens array
isTile boolean * True if there is a tile on the hex
noToken boolean * True if there is no token on the hex
oneToken boolean * True if there is one token on the hex
manyTokens boolean * True if there are many tokens on the hex
manyItems boolean * True if there are many items on the hex

An * in the "C" column indicates that the element is created by the OnHex constructor function.

This object has no methods.