Player's Guide V2.6 Creating A Game

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Selecting "Make New Game" from the board18Main page will bring up the board18New page.
This page contains a form that can be used to create a new BOARD18 game session.
This page was redesigned as part of Release 2.6.7.
If your playing on an earlier release, then use this link for the earlier version.


New Game Form

The green form on the board18New page should be used to create the new game.
This form is shown to the right. It contains the following fields:

  • Game Name: The name of the game that you are about to create. It must be unique so be creative. [1]
  • Game Box ID: The numeric ID of the game box that you wish to use for the game. [2][3]
  • # of Players: Must be from 1 to 6. This is a required field.
  • Six Player fields: The first one will be pre-filled with your player ID.


  1. The Game Name must use only ASCII characters with no special characters and must be 25 characters or less.
  2. You cannot type in the Game Box ID field. Instead select a game box from the box list.
  3. Hovering over the Game Box ID field will show a popup with the name and version of the selected box.

Game Box List

Directly below the New Game Form you will find a list of the game boxes that are available on this server. You must choose a game box from this list.

A sample of this list is shown to the right. Clicking on a row on this list will copy the Box ID for that game into the form.

List Display Selection Controls

The list display selection controls can be used to switch between lists and also to filter the the list via the Box Name
Any portion of a box name can be entered in the Filter Game Box Name By field.

Player Lists

You can use the list display selection controls to display one of three Player Lists. The lists are sorted by the three displayed fields.
These lists show all of the players known to the server. Clicking on a Player ID will add that player to the form.

Other Steps In Creating A Game

Of course, setting up a game consists of more things than just the BOARD18 part explained above.
The how to page linked to here contains step by step instructions for doing all of these things.