TileSheet Object

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This page describes a BOARD18 JavaScript object.
This object is created using the TileSheet constructor function.
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The TileSheet object describes a tile sheet and its use.

Data Elements in Object
Element Type C Description
image url * URL of the image file
sheetType string * 'tile'
trayName string * Name of tray for this sheet
xStart int * Start of tile rows
xSize int * Width of tiles
xStep int * Spacing of tiles in rows
yStart int * Start of tile columns
ySize int * Hight of tiles
yStep int * Spacing of tiles in columns
tilesOnSheet int * Count of tile columns on sheet
tileDups array of int * Count of available tiles
tileRots array of int * Number of rotations for tile
btindex int Index of this tile in the BD18.boardTiles array

An * in the "C" column indicates that the element is created by the constructor function.

Methods in Object

place(high) The place function places the tile sheet on the tray (canvas0).