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The BOARD18 project currently supports two production BOARD18 web sites for general use.
In addition we provide the means for others to create board18 web sites of their own.
We would be happy to maintain a list of such other production sites, but we currently know of none.

BOARD18 Production Web Sites

Site Notes

The site now supports all available BOARD18 game boxes.

In April of 2023 I ran an analyses of the usage of the prod2 instance of BOARD18.
I did this by counting the new game starts per month for the period from March 2020 to April 2923.
This showed an abrupt surge of game starts in April of 2020 [due to COVID?] which gradually tapered off during the next 12 months.
After that the game starts per month steadied at about 10 to 20.

The raw data for this analysis can be found in this spreadsheet.

How to set up an 18xx game using BOARD18

So you and your friends have decided to play an 18xx game via email. And you have also decided to use BOARD18 for this game. So how to begin?
Use this link to access the document How to set up an 18xx game using BOARD18.
This document contains step by step instructions for setting up a game.

See Also

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