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BOARD18 Repositories
Current BOARD18 Code Repository
Out Of Date BOARD18 Code Repository

Introduction to Repositories

A source code repository is a facility where large amounts of source code for software, web pages and other resources can be kept. These repositories are often used by open-source projects and other multi-developer projects to handle version control and to prevent loss due to local media failures. They allow developers to submit new or modified code in an organized fashion.
A lot of these repositories use a version control system called git. Git was developed by Linus Torvalds to be the repository for the Linux operating system.

BOARD18 Repositories on GitHub

The BOARD18 project uses GitHub to store its remote repository. There are currently two code repositories. The first contains the current BOARD18 source code. The second contains out of date BOARD18 source code and should only be used for historical purposes.

GitHub hosts open source repositories for no charge. The links in the table above point to these two repositories.

You may also notice on GITHUB a BOARD18 repository named "gamebox".
The definitive source for all game boxes can be found on this page .
And all other supporting images can be found in this library.

Accessing GitHub Repositories

If you wish to use git and GitHub to access and/or submit revisions to BOARD18 code, then you must first register with and sign on to GitHub. You can then access step by step instructions for setting up git on your PC.