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This page has been updated to comply with Release 2.7.x of BOARD18.
Design Document edit

The access-denied.html page is one of the two pages which is not password protected. It is the page that handles unauthorized access to password protected pages.

Most of the JavaScript logic for access-denied.html is in the scripts/board18index.js file.

The access-denied.html page also uses the scripts/board18com.js file and some other open source JavaScript files.
Style is supplied by the style/board18Index.css and the style/board18com.css files.

The access-denied.html page has an access denied message instead of a welcome message,
but otherwise it appears identical to the index.html page.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT THE access-denied.html PAGE

There are two access-denied.html pages. The original one is in the root directory.
But there is also a copy of the page in the php sub directory.
The purpose of this second copy of access-denied.html is to handle invalid attempts to execute files in the php subdirectory.
The relative file directory addresses in lines 15 thru 25 and line 127 of this second copy have been modified to be correct for the php sub-directory.

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