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Board18 Overview

BOARD18 is a tool for playing “18xx style” games via Email.

The BOARD18 game session associated with a PBEM game is used to display the game board and the stock market for the game. It will run as a web service accessed via the player's web browser.
The How To page linked to here contains step by step instructions for setting up a PBEM 18xx game.

BOARD18 is open source software available under the MIT License

NOTE: For more information on 18xx style games, see this wikipedia article.

Board18 Releases

Unless you have a good reason not to, please use the most current BOARD18 release.
Please contact Rich Price, rich at, if you have questions about installing BOARD18 on your server.
Please report any issues with BOARD18 or the BOARD18 install process here.

Installation instructions for these releases are available at How To Create a BOARD18 WEB Site.
Do not attempt to upgrade from a release prior to 2.5.0, please install a new instance of the current BOARD18 release instead.

Please note that game boxes must be downloaded and added to a new BOARD18 web site. Follow these instructions when you do so.

The current releases of BOARD18 are stored on a Google Docs folder.

Use this link to access this folder.