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This page has been updated to comply with Release 2.5.x of BOARD18. Go Back

board18Market2.js contains the BOARD18 startup functions.

Function makeTrays()

Function makeTrays() initializes all of the tray objects. It calls the TokenSheet constructor for each mtok sheet. It also adds the trayNumb to each new tray object. Finally it initializes BD18.curTrayNumb to 0 and BD18.trayCount to the number of tray objects.

Function makeMktTokenList()

This function initializes the BD18.marketTokens array. It calls the MarketToken constructor for each token in array and adds the new object to the BD18.marketTokens array.

Function trayCanvasApp()

Function trayCanvasApp calls the method for the current token sheet object. This sets up the tray Canvas.

Function mainCanvasApp()

Function mainCanvasApp calls the method. This sets up the main Canvas.

Function toknCanvasApp(keepBoxSelect)

Function toknCanvasApp places all existing tokens on the stock market using the BD18.marketTokens array.

Function canvasApp()

Function CanvasApp initializes all canvases. It then calls trayCanvasApp and mainCanvasApp.

Function itemLoaded(event)

This function is an event handler for the game box images. It calls makeTrays, makeBdTileList, canvasApp and delayCheckForUpdate after all itemLoaded events have occured.

Function doLink(linkURL)

The loadLinks function is called by the

  • statements which are created by the loadLinks function below.

    Function loadLinks(newLinks)

    The loadLinks function is called by loadBox and getLinks functions to add game links to the "Useful Links" sub-menu.

    Function loadBox(box)

    The loadBox function is a callback function for the gameBox.php getJSON function. It loads all the game box images.

    Function loadSession(session)

    The loadSession function is a callback function for the gameSession.php getJSON function. It finds and loads the game box file.