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This page has been updated to comply with Release 2.5.x of BOARD18. Go Back

board18com.js contains scripts that are common to all board18 web pages.

Global Variables

All board18 global variables are contained in one 'master variable' called BD18. This isolates them from global variables in other packages.

Function setPage()

The setPage() function adjusts the height and width of rightofpage and the height of lefttofpage.

Function $(window).resize()

The $(window).resize() function waits for 200 ms before executing setPage(). Multiple window resize events that occur within this time peroid will only trigger the setPage function once.

Utility Functions for Positioning

The findPos(obj), getScrolled(object, scrolled) and getOffset(object, offset) functions calculate the real position of an element on the page adjusted for scrolling. I got them from this web site:

Function offsetIn(event, obj)

The offsetIn function finds the offset of the cursor [at a click event] from the top/left of the specified containing object. It uses findPos() to calculate the object's top/left.

Function docPos(event)

Function docPos(event) returns the position in the document of a mouse event.

Function doLogNote(note)

Function doLogNote displays a lognote for 30 seconds. A new lognote will replace any previous log note that has not yet timed out.
BD18.noteTimeout is a global variable with an initial value of null.

Function logoutOK(resp)

The logoutOK function is the callback function for the ajax logout call.

Function statswapOK(resp)

The statswapOK function is the callback function for the ajax statswap call.

Function byte2hex(array)

Function byte2hex converts an array of bytes to a string of hex characters [2 hex characters per byte]. This function was inspired by code found on the web page:

Function aboutBoard18()

Function aboutBoard18 is called from the MAIN menu on most BOARD18 pages. It displays a popup about message.