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{{Design Document Index}}
{{Design Document Index}}
Logging in to BOARD18 causes the board18Main.php page to be displayed.<br>
Logging in to BOARD18 causes the board18Main.php page to be displayed.<br>

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Design Document edit

Logging in to BOARD18 causes the board18Main.php page to be displayed.
This page can be used to select an existing game to play or to link to the board18New.php page by selecting "Make New Game" in the main menu.

Most of the JavaScript logic for board18Main is in the scripts/board18Main.js file.

The board18Main.php page also uses the scripts/board18com.js file and some other open source JavaScript files. Style is supplied by the style/board18Main.css and the style/board18com.css files.

WIKI Links for BOARD18 WEB Pages edit
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The Gamelist Table

When entered, board18Main.php uses an AJAX call to php/myGameList.php to get a list of the games that the player is currently playing.
The php/myGameList.php program is documented on the myGameList.php WIKI page.
The returned list is displayed in the gamelist table as shown here:


Select a Game to Play

Clicking on an entry in the "Game Name" column will link to the Game Board page for that game.

Perform Miscellaneous Actions on a Game

Clicking on the "Edit" button for a game will link to the miscellaneous action page for that game. This page will allow various actions such as adding and/or removing players from the game.

Perform Administrative Actions for the Logged-in Player

Selecting "Admin" from the main menu will link to the board18Admin page.
This page will allow the editing of the player's profile.

Starting A New Game Session

Selecting "Make New Game" from the main menu will link to the board18New page.
This page contains a form for starting a new game session.