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This page has been updated to comply with Release 2.4.x of BOARD18.

The primary purpose of this WIKI is to document BOARD18. But there are many subjects that comprise this documentation and finding the information that you need could be a problem. The links on this page are an attempt to help solve this information access problem.

Anyone wishing to use BOARD18 to play an 18xx game by email should read the BOARD18 Player's Guide. The current release of this guide should contain everything that you need to "get on board" with BOARD18. This guide is also available via the "Help" option on the BOARD18 main menu.

One of the concepts that drove the design of BOARD18 was keeping the game box for each 18xx title separate from the actual BOARD18 code. The idea was that non programmer types could make game boxes. Much like they can and do make spreadsheets to handle the financial side of PBEM games. If you wish to create a Game Box for specific 18xx Game, then you should read the game box documentation.

BOARD18 is freely available and can be downloaded from this WIKI page at no charge.
So, anyone that has access to a web server can run his own BOARD18 web site!
If you wish to create your own BOARD18 web site, then you should read the site owner documentation.
A site owner automatically becomes an administrator of that site. And other administrators can be added.
Any BOARD18 administrator should read the administration documentation.

Finely, if you wish to contribute to the design and implementation of BOARD18, then you should read the developer documentation and the BOARD18 Design Document.