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This page has been updated to comply with Release 1.5.x of BOARD18.
Design Document edit

Selecting "Manage Boxes" from the list of Administrator Utilities in the board18Admin.php page causes the board18Boxes.php page to be displayed.

The board18Boxes.php page displays a paginated list of all boxes in the "box" table. This page is available only to "admin" players. This page facilitates the administration of boxes. It includes the following facilities:

  • Listing all boxes showing their status and usage.
  • Listing the games associated with a specific box.
  • Deactivating and/or reactivating boxes.
  • Deleting deactive boxes with no associated games.
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The JavaScript code for board18Boxes is in the scripts/board18Boxes.js file.

The board18Boxes.php page also uses the scripts/board18com.js file and some other open source JavaScript files. Style is supplied by the style/board18Boxes.css and the style/board18com.css files.